The Milnes7 Domain

This is the central website for the domain and details some of the interests and sites hosted by our webmaster Alan Milnes.

Milnes Consultancy Ltd

After over 30 years working in Business & IT for Bank of Scotland and IBM Alan Milnes, has set up Milnes Consultancy Ltd to provide Contracting & Consulting Services to the market-place.

Leslie Baptist Church

Alan is an Elder and the Webmaster for Leslie Baptist Church .

Scottish Baptist Lay Preachers Association

Alan is a qualified Lay Preacher Elder and hosts the Scottish Lay Preachers Association website.


Alan is an avid player of the Gameplan Play By Mail games hosted by Danny McConnell and Pete Calcraft. He runs the Gameplan Fan site.


Alan is an keen player of the Sid Meier's Civilization Series especially Civ IV. He is a staff member at the Civilization Fanatics website.